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   The cat does not belong to jey.

 She visited jey one day and lives in next door of jey's.

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Works 2011-2017

Sound Structures Synthesized in the Analogue Studio of the Institute of Sonology (2017)

ACToolkit (64bit) formerly jey-Toolkit

distributed by the Package Manager of Max 7/8!
         made by Jeyong Jung, Johan van Kreij,
                          Peter Pabon, Sohrab Motabar
Patches and objects for Algorithmic Composition and statistical processes; Runs on Max 7/8 of Cycling '74

The link above is a reference to the same ACToolkit as being distributed by the Package Manager of Max 7/8. So Max 6.1.10 (64bit) users may try out download the package from the provided link and using it. Please note that some Jitter features that the patches included in the package utilize WON'T be working on Max 6.1.10.

Paper The Paradox of Random Order

written by Jeyong Jung, Peter Pabon, Graham Flett
edited by Johan van Kreij

Icons made by Freepik from are licensed by CC 3.0 BY